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The classics under the orchids with the longest period  of bloom and the easiest care: PHALAENOPSIS.


In all dimensions and colours at our greenhause available.

In addition individual nursing tips and consultation.


Botanical Orchids

Gongora aromatica
Gongora aromatica

 THE SPECIAL ORCHIDS, which are convincing with her specific feature.

Many collector´s items from the botanical orchid collection of Alois Putzer. Mother´s plants, as well as seedlings and ready sales product. In the blossom mostly not so long as Phalaenopsis, however, over and over again an amusing, unique eye-cacher.


Cherries, apples, pears, peach and nectarines, plums, grapes, as well als also kaki...

Soft fruits like bilberries, raspberries, currants....

Citrus plants, green plants and exotic fruit plants

Citrus Kumquat

Citrus plants, lemon tree´s, Kumquat...

Miscellaneous Specially - and green plants.

Tropical fruit plants like Rollinia, Ceremoia, Indian´s banana ....



Noble roses, climbing roses, old kinds with big blossoms, nice forms and fragrant. 


Different plants to the respective season like:

-in the spring pansy, flower plants,...

-in early summer hanging and standing geraniums and accompanying plants,...

-in autumn Cyclamen, chrysanthemus, Erica and accompanying plants,...

-and in winter Christmas roses, smaller trees for outdoor...

Special offers

-To the Valentins-day (14th of February) cut flowers! Nice bunches or single roses with nice packaging for the darlings.


-Before Christmas we have Christmas-trees in diffrent dimensions and too diffrent prices.